Finished C1 with "old" version. Will C2 be new version?

I just finished the first Course of the specialization and enrolled in the second course. Will i automatically have the newer version of the assignments or should i do something to get those?

I believe that a newly enrolled student in the course will automatically get the new version. If not, updating deadlines should switch over. As course 2 introduces TensorFlow 2 with the new version, Id strongly suggest making sure that you are on the new version.

How do i make sure? Is there anything specific i can check?
I had a peak at the programming assignment of the first week and i only see references to sklearn, no import of tensorflow!

Hey OAN, this is how you can check: How to know if it is the “old” course version or the “new”?

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Thanks @Mubsi ! I seem to have the new version!


Awesome! Happy Learning!