Programming Assignment: Probability Distributions / Naive Bayes Try Again · 0/140 points earned


I have completed my assignment 8/10. but I didn’t get any points for each (0/10) and facing this error <unknown line 471>, I am getting this error for the codes

You filed this under General Discussion, but I’m guessing you are really asking about the NLP Course 1 Week 2 Naive Bayes assignment. You can move the thread to that category by using the little “edit pencil” on the title of this thread. Generally speaking, you’ll have better luck getting a timely response if you post your threads in the correct category, so that the mentors who know that particular course are more likely to notice.

That kind of an error means that there is some kind of problem that causes your notebook not to compile for the grader. You mentioned that you are only getting 8/10, which I assume means what happens when you click “Validate”. My suggestion would be to do the following steps:

  1. Kernel → Restart and Clear Output
  2. Save
  3. Cell → Run All

Then carefully scan through the entire notebook and see if any compile or syntax errors are being “thrown” anywhere.

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