Programming assignment problem week

I can’t finish my code . in the ’ Exercise 7 - sampling_decode’ : '# Test the function above. Try varying the temperature setting with values from 0 to 1.

Run it several times with each setting and see how often the output changes.

sampling_decode(“I love languages.”, NMTAttn=model, temperature=0.0, vocab_file=VOCAB_FILE, vocab_dir=VOCAB_DIR)’
dose not work and nothing after it works what can I do ?

Hi @Mahdi_Seddigh

You provided no background information about the problem and it’s hard to help you because of that.

  • Do you receive an error? - Then post the error description.
  • Do you pass the unit tests? - Then you are probably using global variable model instead of local NMTAttn.
  • Maybe something else?