Programming Assignment: Week 3 practice lab: logistic regression

Hi! It seems like you’ve modified a line or more that is outside of the ### START CODE HERE ### and ### END CODE HERE tags of the graded cells. Initializing the p variable should already be given in the blank notebook so no need to change it. That might explain why you’re getting the errors. You can see other gotchas here.

Please revert all those changes for easier debugging and to avoid having problems with the grader later on. If you can’t track which lines you edited, I recommend these steps:

  1. Rename your current notebook and get a fresh copy (instructions here). The fresh copy should have the original filename: C1_W3_Logistic_Regression. Please do not change it.

  2. You can copy your previous solutions into the new notebook. But take note that you should not modify anything outside the ### START CODE HERE ### and ### END CODE HERE tags. You should only put your solutions between those markers.

  3. As Tom mentioned, when running an exercise, you should first run all the cells before it. That usually prevents the <something> is not defined errors.

  4. If you’re getting an error or your output does not match the unit tests, you can first look at the hints placed within the notebook. Click the green Click for hints prompt at the bottom of the graded cells to see if the information there is useful. Within that, there is sometimes a blue Click for more hints that provides even more information.

  5. If those do not help, please post here a screenshot of the error message you’re getting (like what you’re already doing) so we’ll know what might be wrong.

Hope these help! I have a feeling the root of the errors right now is due to the modified boilerplate code. Once those are reverted and you focus only on what’s inside the START and END code tags, I think we’ll be able to help you better. Let us know how it goes. Thanks!