MLS: Autograder Troubleshooting Tips

Here are some general guidelines before submitting your assignments in this specialization. You can refer to these when you get an unexpected score from the autograder.

  1. Make sure that all cells in the notebook are running. If you get an error, that will also likely halt the grader.

  2. Please save your work before clicking the Submit button. If not, you might get an error message like in the code cell below because the grader still sees your solution as None.

    Failed test case: x has incorrect type.
    but got:
    <class 'NoneType'>.
  3. Please do not rename the notebook because the grader will look for the original filename and its associated metadata. You should work on the file that is automatically opened when you click the blue launch button in the classroom. If you try to submit a renamed notebook, you might also get an error like the one shown above.

  4. Please do not modify any code outside the START CODE HERE and END CODE HERE tags. Your solution should only be placed between these markers to ensure successful grading. Modifying function parameters and other test cells will likely break the grader. If you want to experiment with these, you can do so after you have successfully passed the assignment.

  5. If the grader still gives you 0/100 after following the tips above, then the metadata needed for grading might be corrupted. Please try getting a new notebook and pasting your solutions there before resubmitting. Instructions here.

  6. If you have further questions, please create a new public topic so more mentors can see your query. Just make sure to create it in the correct course and week category.