Programming assignments for auditing students

Hi everyone,
Firstly I’d like to thank for this amazing course.
I have tried to do this course 1/2 years ago, and back then I remember I had access to programming assignments, even though I couldn’t get a grade. Has this been removed since? I’m trying to complete the course from the beginning, and I can’t open the Practice Programming Assignments or the actual Programming Assignments, in jupyter notebook.

Thanks again,
Leandro Pires.

I think the assignments are behind the paywall now, so you won’t be able to see them at all in audit mode.

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This seems to be true for former paid students, too. Even former mentors can’t see the programming assignments any more. So if you do obtain access and want to be able to review your work, save local copies before your access expires.

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Thanks for the heads up. Is there a way to ask for the programming assignment? Maybe that was a bug in an update? Maybe not :sweat_smile:

I’m not sure I understand your question. Are you saying that you have now paid for the course and still can’t either a) find the assignments or b) get them to open?

If you’ve paid, then you find the assignments either under their respective weeks, mixed in with the lectures, or you can find them on the left menu under “Grades”. First click the link that has “Programming Assignment” in the title. Then on the resulting page, click “Work in Browser” to open the actual assignment notebook. There are other links on the page for viewing the instructions and for viewing the output of the grader (“My submissions”). Let us know if you can’t find those and I’ll provide some screenshots.