Prompt + chatbot + output in an app

Hi all,

So I’ve built my prompt after testing it. However, the chatbot I’m building is a web-based one for now, but it will be built into my already launched app soon.

So results and usability rely on the chat knowing when a new day starts, is there a way for the chatbot to get this info and make this known in the chat automatically?

Essentially, the chat would need to save all the context from the user messages for at least 365 days to be viable as a product for us. I have prompted the app to conduct weekly reviews of the data as it will have a lot of quantitive data every day.

Has anyone developed a personal assistant type bot that has long term “memory” but also takes in real-time info from the overall app about date, time, etc and sends info to this app to save and condense?

It is just a language model. Not really an app programming environment.

Maybe I haven’t made it clear. I will be using the GPT 4 Api inside my own current app. Inside the chat box in the app it will get results from GPT 4 of course, but GPT 4 can utlise plugins right? So essentially my own app will be the plugin to the chat box so they can speak to one another with real time data.

The prompt in the chat will be a long one as its a very specific assistant but I would need the prompt context to be updated with real time data such as day, time and so forth.

Make sense?