Python Image Pixel visualize

Hi Sir,

When we use Matlab, Using datapins we can see the what pixel value present in any particular location.

Similarly for python, using what library we can achieve it ?

Dear mentor…im stuck can someone please on this ?

Dear Mentor can someone pls help on this ?

a regular imshow with matplotlib gives you the info you need.
x, y positions and r,g,b values are displayed on the bottom left coner

@Dyxuki imshow not showing rgb values. Please find the below output. Can u please show how you are seeing those values ? We can see only images and the axes


Oh yea,
in the notebook we used “%matplotlib inline” backend which plots the outputs as images only.
You can instead use “%matplotlib notebook” backend, that opens a matplotlib figure.

Here’s the difference:

If you use regular IDE instead of jupyter notebook, this should be automatic.
Also don’t forget to restart the kernel after changing the backend.

Great Answer and Let me try this out