PyTorch Examples on RNN


Does anyone recommend any good resource to implement some RNN stuff using PyTorch?

Please see this tutorial. You don’t have to code an RNN from scratch. Do make use of nn.RNN

Thank you, Balaji. I’m looking for some examples using nn.RNN. Can you help with this?

Sorry but I don’t have the bandwidth to help out on your personal projects.
That said, please move this topic to the General Discussions category and provide as much details about what you need help with. Someone might help you out.
Here’s the community user guide to get started.

It’s 2023, folks. Wake up and smell the search results! I get a bunch of very useful looking results from googling “examples using nn.RNN”.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the comment. I was just unbelievably busy and thought Balaji could narrow my search space.