Q: Overview of the Structure of Keras?

I’ve used different parts of Keras in the four different courses. But I still can’t find an overview of the structure of Keras (as opposed to TensorFlow).
The Keras API provides a simplified way to access (much) of the functionality of TensorFlow. So seeing a summary of the structure of the API (preferably with graphics) would be a great learning resource.
Despite several searches I can’t find anything like this. “Keras object model” and “Keras class structure” both take me back to how to set up a model in Keras.
Can anyone point me to simple overview that summarises, for example tf.keras.preprocessing and the frequently used classes and methods (sorry my knowledge of OO is rudimentary at this stage).

tf.keras.preprocessing is deprecated since it doesn’t use tensors. Tensorflow developer (TF1) will likely update the content along with the exam syllabus during the upcoming refresh (don’t know when it is).

Here are 2 links to get you to speed on keras:

  1. Getting started
  2. API docs