Q: Should I use the Glorot Uniform Initializer or Xavier? A: Yes

From time to time in this class material, the forum threads, or in papers out on the interweb you may see references to both Glorot Uniform Initializer and Xavier Initializer and wonder, ‘Which one should I use?’ Luckily, the answer is simple, ‘Yes’. Because they are the same thing :sunglasses:

See for example: tf.keras.initializers.GlorotUniform  |  TensorFlow Core v2.8.0

The Glorot uniform initializer, also called Xavier uniform initializer.

And the reason for the ambiguity is that Xavier and Glorot are one person: https://www.aminer.org/profile/xavier-glorot/53f459b6dabfaee02ad655fe

Excellent! Thanks for sharing this info.