Queries regarding Course 2 of ML Specialization

Hello everyone.
Just 2 days before I have completed the course 1 of ML Specialization and have started with the course 2 from today.

There are few queries I have in my mind:

Query 1: As I begin with course 2 about neural networks, is it okay to feel overwhelmed with the content.

Query 2: Any sources from where I can practice Tensorflow and sci-kit framework because along with concepts I also want to equip myself with the required coding.

Query 3: After completing the course 2, will I able to build models by myself.

I am really sorry if these question seems lame. But currently, I am really puzzled and so I’d be really grateful if someone could answer them.

Thanking in advance :pray:


Hi @akanksha004 good questions

  1. Yes, those concepts are not easy, learning should be an uncomfortable feeling when you go beyond your comfort zone. It means that you’re challenging yourself with new concepts.

  2. There are may resources to practice and tutorials. Here we have. A tensor flow course, but thera many stuff outhere that you can use

  3. At the end of the course you will be able to understand how to build models and replicate what you learned but achieving a mastering level on creating models requires practice, so it really depends how do you look at it.

Please let me know if this answer your questions. I am sure a lot people have the same questions so I appreciate it you point that out


Currently, I am kind of active on Kaggle and I keep checking other’s notebook. The way they have approached the EDA process, and trained the model which blows up my mind.

Sometimes, I get demotivated seeing how others can code so good and here I can’t think even about the approach. How do I change my mindset. I know it is a learning process and it is easy to get demotivated but still how do I convince myself.

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Kaggle is a forum for experts. I do not recommend using Kaggle for your introduction to ML tools or methods.

Do not compare yourself to experts - they have years of experience. You are starting to accumulate your own experience.

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Got it sir. Will try to give my best during the course and also focus on practical implementation of the same :grinning:


Hello, @akanksha004,

When I first started, I repeated others’ works, then I tried to improve over their works, and some time later realized why I might want to fall back to their original approaches. Repeating, improving, and understanding gave me three levels of satisfaction. Why? Because I knew I had known more.

Keep it up, @akanksha004! You are treating yourself well by keeping learning! There could be ups and downs but after the downs come the ups! :smile:


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Thank you very much @rmwkwok sir for making my morning best with your enlightening words. I guess this is what I wanted someone to say me from a long time. So thank you very much for this :innocent:

Really grateful to find such amazing mentors on this forum.



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