Question 5: too many values to unpack

I did what the hints says call the data generator in Ex1, which shuffle = None, why it says there are too many values to unpack?

This means that the function returns 2 outputs. So check this function you are calling here either data_generator or classify, you have assigned 1 output but it needs 2.

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thank you so much, it works now!

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Hello Gent.Spah and Amazing Patrick,

I am having the same problem. You said he was assigning 2 outputs to 1. Why would you not consider q1, q2 as two ouputs?

They are 2 outputs but the problem might be at the output of the classify function.

I have a different problem now. I posted it in a new topic. Thanks!


I see what you meant now. I have a another problem now, but I see that I will still run into that problem later so I have addressed what you said. Thanks!!

Thans @gent.spah,

That fixed the problem. Thanks so much!


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