Question about notes and number of tries for assignments quizzes

Do we have notes to download for this course?
Do we get one try on assignments and quizzes?

I did not see this information on the Coursera site.
I just started today.


Most courses have a set of lecture slides, in a “Resources” folder here on the forum. If this course has one, it would be in the “Course Q&A” area under this course.

Quizzes and programming assignments (sometimes called “labs”) allow an unlimited number of attempts. Sometimes the quizzes will only allow three tries per some time interval - I believe it’s 3 tries per 8 hours. It depends on the specifics of each course. I’m not a mentor “for AI for Medicine”, so I can’t say for certain.

Hello TMosh:

Thank you for the reply. I think this course is lacking notes so I will need to take notes it looks like to me.
Luckily I have notes from another class that may be helpful for some of the topics like CNN and other topics that will need reviewed.

Hi, @Jason_Jordan

As far as I know, unfortunately, the lecture notes for AI4M are not shared.
In the previous post, the same answer is mentioned.

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Hi Nakamura:
I will just take notes and review videos along with other materials.
So far so good in the class very interesting.