Question seems to have swapped answer with another


There are multiple questions for the same subject, that are randomly selected in order to create a test.

I think that one question of my task is labelled with the answer of another one, thus making it incorret. Unfortunatelly, here’s the text and screenshot for it:

“Question 5
In the best scenario when adding a ResNet block it will learn to approximate the identity function after a lot of training, helping improve the overall performance of the network. True/False?”

I marked “True” and it says that it is incorrect with this message:

“Incorrect. When adding a ResNet block it can easily learn to approximate the identity function, thus in a worst-case scenario, it will not affect the performance of the network at all.”

Of course the question didn’t even mention a “worst-case scenario”, but rather the best-case, which makes me feel that the label is swapped with the “worst-case” question.

Could you please verify this? I’m hoping to get my 10/10 hehe.

Please notice that I’m refering to the quiz of the second week of the fourth course question 5.


It’s all correct as written. The point of a ResNet block is not that learning the identity function is the goal, right? It’s just that having that alternate path has the effect of making it possible to train a very deep network and learn a function more complex than the identity function.


Thanks for your reply, now it is very clear for me. The question is talking about a specific block learning the function, which doesn’t make sense, it will only learn along with other layers forming the whole network. I didn’t interpret it that way the first time I saw it, but now is pretty obvious.

Thanks a lot, appreciate your help!