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Hey everyone, so I’m a senior college student in Information Systems major and In the final semester we are asked to make a gradation project we decided that we will make an application for book exchange between books lovers (exchange the books that they’ve finished reading with someone else in exchange of one of their books as well) anyway the university demands that we implement an Ai feature in our project (just following the trends) we thought (a team of 2 people) of making a recommendation system for books titles but we have no idea of where should we start and how to implement it so i need your help and advices

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Hello @Osama_Alzayed,

Let’s forget about the AI part for the time being, since I have not participated in book exchanging events, if you were to do it manually, what are the criteria for you to make recommendations to book lovers? This question is the most crucial one.

Are you recommending books from a pool of books that are ready to be shared? Or are you recommending what books to be shared? Or both?

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Hopefully you have the time and motivation to attend the Machine Learning Specialization course. It discusses recommender systems in some detail.


Hey @rmwkwok thanks for your reply , so the recommendation will be a side feature for people who wants to explore new books even if these books aren’t available for exchange , maybe based on there preferences or on past reads.

Thanks @TMosh , I will check it out

Hi @Osama_Alzayed,

Our manual approach to the problem can bring a lot of value to the ML approach. Based on what you said, and that you will check out the course, I have nothing to add now as the approach in the course can be a good reference for you.

Good luck!