Recommended order of short courses

Hi, I have just finished ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers, and a bit confused on what is the next course I should go through. There are a few which seems relevant to be just next in order, but it’s a bit confusing among so many courses:

  1. LangChain for LLM Application Development
  2. Building Systems with the ChatGPT API
  3. LangChain Chat with Your Data
  4. Functions, Tools and Agents with LangChain

If someone can please recommend the order to these courses after the initial prompt engineering course, that’ll be much appreciated.

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I went for 2,1,3,4 myself. As Langchain is a framework, I also try to pickup Vector database like Pinecone or Chroma etc concurrently cos they are quite independent. After which I tried to create a simple app using an Open Source LLM, LangChain and Pinecone. Hope this help a bit.