Reference link not working for an assignment, C4W3 A1

Reference link provided is not working from Assignment.

C4W3 A1

Programming Assignment: Car detection with YOLO

I found where the link is used:

That is the correct URL. Perhaps that site is having a technical problem.

Yes that what I was referring, as currently its not working (issue would from their side), but not accessible at all for now

Hmmm, there are no DNS entries for or

Pauls-Retina-MacBook-Pro:Week1 paulm$ nslookup



** server can't find NXDOMAIN

Pauls-Retina-MacBook-Pro:Week1 paulm$ nslookup



Non-authoritative answer:

*** Can't find No answer

Yes, seems issue from side
But its not reliable to put non working link in course assignments

Sure, but I assume it was working at the time they added it to the course. That’s an argument for never including any links, right? They can’t control the web or other websites or the potential IT issues that any given student may have. E.g. A/V software on their computer or local area net that blocks some URLs. In the limit, it’s hopeless. So how do you suggest they handle that?

We can file a bug and ask that they remove the link. That’s the best we can do in the short term.

Yes, there is no issue from Coursera side or from content team. Link might work at that time.
But its not presentationaly good to use non working link on any page, So, one can inform team if they can look and fix issue, and if it will not fix after long time than we should remove that link from course content as there is no meaning to show non working link than.