Regarding C1_W1_Lab_2_multi-output

I just wanted to know how can I run this same notebook as a jupyter notebook on my local machine.
What command do I use instead of the following lines to be able to download the data on my PC? Or if I can directly load it as a dataframe on my jupyter notebook to work on it locally?

URI = ‘./data/ENB2012_data.xlsx’
df = pd.read_excel(URI)

You need to download the data if the link is provided to your PC first and then you can use the relevant pandas read function to create the data frame on your jupyter notebook.

Dear Learner,
For working with your local system , you have to download the dataset and make sure that the code and dataset in the same directory. In place of first statement , you just mention file name with extension. And make sure that you have installed all the necessary libraries necessary to execute this code. Happy Learning!.