Regarding the question no. 6 in the quiz for Week1 TF-AT Course 4


This is regarding the last question in the quiz on total variation loss.

I think I have given the right answer for loss += #Your Code

Here where I guess the answer is only

variation_weight multiplied by tf call to total_variation for the given image. I checked the spellings and I have included the weight. But it is giving me wrong.

Any idea?

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Hi pshrini, could you double check the spellings of " parameter" ? which should be total_variation _weight here, not variation_weight. You can also watch the video of ‘Total Variation Loss’ in week 1 to check. Wish this help to you.

‘total_variation_weight’ is the name of the variable (in the given function) that is multiplied with tf.image.variation(image).

Hi vsnupoudel,
I got a similar error becuase I added a space between one of the variables and the *. Removing the space fixed the issue for me.