ReLU is used in hidden layers WHY?

If ReLU is used in hidden layers, the output of that layer will always be positive. How is that correct for regression models?
If hidden layers output only 0 and positive numbers then how will final output layer whose input is only positive(or 0) give correct answer?

Hey @Aishwarya_Mundley,

A quick response is, you can have negative weights in the output layer to make the output negative.

The incoming activation values from the last hidden layer are non-negatives, but the weights in the output layer can be negative.

I have to go now. If you have any follow-up, I am sure other mentors who have time can answer you


As Raymond explained, the last hidden layers’ output (which is 0 or positive) will feed to the output layer and the output layer then can give out the negative number as well (because of different activation function).


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@Aishwarya_Mundley, That is the reason why we should generally avoid using ReLU in the output layer in certain cases.