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In weeks one and two all the images were rescaled to 1/255. How is this number chosen? I would assume we would rescale to the max pixel value in the training set. I am wondering what factor I should rescale on lab 3. I could compare the max pixel value in the human training set and that of the horse training set, and then choose the bigger of two and rescale everything to 1 over that value. but in lab 3 I am not importing the images I am reading directly from the directory, so not sure how to find that value without importing

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the number is chosen becasue of the highest value (i.e. the range is 0-255) and the process is also called normalization. Normalization happens when takeing the maximum value and dividing your data points with it to con vert it to a scale of 0-1. Many other options are availaanle too like 1-100 or -1-1.

In regrad of the pixel values, 255 for an 8-bit image, 4095 for a 12-bit image, 65 535 for a 16-bit image.

Although you can use Numpy for that too:

smallest_pixel_value = numpy.amin(image)
biggest_pixel_value = numpy.amax(image)

Please not that this code would work directly for greyscale images. Please consider color channels for RGB.

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