ResNet50 Error in Excercise 3 -Week2


I am unable to find where the error is occurring, i’ve read all the other learners questions on the same topic and i’ve used Add() function as mentioned but still getting this error. could you please look into it.

You do not need to use the “Add()” function in ResNet50().

Does your convolutional_block() function pass all of its unit tests?

@TMosh Yes convolutional_block () function pass all of its unit tests

Where did you use Add()? Please post your code, I’ll delete it later.

{mentor edit: code removed}

Your use of Add() is fine.

In the identity_block() function, in both BatchNormalization() layers, try removing the “axis = 3” argument.

getting same error even removing the axis=3 argument

In convolutional_block, in the “second component of the main path”, in the Conv2D layer you’re using the wrong kernel size.

Thank you. got it I’ve kept (s,s) instead of (f,f) my bad. uhhhhh one bug ate my whole brain