Roadmap for execution

After Completing this specialization which course do you offer to pursue ? I want to learn how to use this knowledge more practical though these courses were not enough .

Hi @amirhossein_bozorgkh

What specialization are your referring to.

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I mean deep learning specialization , I am about completing this course …
So Which one should I pick up next ?

After completing the DLS, I suggest replicating the assignments with different data sets. Whether to use real data or generate synthetic data.

One task can be that the DLS course 1 assignment is for classification but challenge yourself and do the code for regression. I did this by generating random data with NumPy. Moreover, try combining the learning of course 1 and course 2. Similarly, reproduce the test cases with your own data.

Furthermore, apply for a mentor role of this specialization and revisiting all the assignments again but, this time, as a mentor. You will learn more by teaching. Just practice, practice, and practice. And once you do enough practice, go for TF 1.


Thank you for your attention and time dedication …
I just wonder whether which course is better ?
Tensorflow Advanced Techniques or the one that you’ve mentioned earlier ?

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First, take the one I mentioned; then the one you mentioned…

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