Roadmap for Generative AI

Hi everyone , I need to embark on large language models using transformer models what do I need to know from RNNs ?

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Hi @amirhossein_bozorgkh

Assuming that you have no previous knowledge i would recommend this roadmap

  1. Machine Learning Specialization - DeepLearning.AI
  2. Deep Learning Specialization - DeepLearning.AI
  3. Generative AI with LLMs - DeepLearning.AI

I hope this help

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Thank you for your sufficient roadmap
but I have already had some prior knowledge of them, considering that I have covered three first course of whole Deep learning Specialization and currently I am working on final one , RNNs , but due to time constraint I do want to be focused only on transformers so please consider that I do not have to waste my time …

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Transformers are in the last week of DLS Course 5.
After that take an LLM course as recommended above.

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Yeah … I see … I am engaging with word embedding I will take it up later… Thank u …
So far I have to be able to work with benchmarks , in particular applying some compression methods on them and then try to evaluate them using Hugging face or HELM … Do you know how can I acquire relevant knowledge ?

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In addition to what was already recommended:

I believe practicing and putting your recently gained knowledge on GenAI into practice is the essential and decisive step: to get some inspiration: feel free to check out the GPT-powered digital twin of my colleague and fellow mentor @carloshvp, presented in this thread:

Hope that helps, @amirhossein_bozorgkh!

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Hi @Christian_Simonis , thanks for the mention! :pray: I hope all is good at your side.