Row Echelon Form Example/Confusion

In this video, at 1 minute 23 seconds:

The slide notes: “divide the second row by the left-most non-zero coefficient”.

I can’t make the link between -0.95 becoming 1, as the left-most coefficient to is zero?

What am I missing?

Thank you.

Look at the second row i.e
[0 -0.95]

now divide the second row by (non-zero coefficient i.e. -0.95
so the result of the second row will be
[0/-0.95 -0.95/-0.95]
so the result is
[0 1]

hope this makes you clear.

Please let me know if you still have confusion.

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That makes it crystal clear – thank you!

Sounds good.
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This is the first time I’ve used this platform, I cannot find the option to mark your response as a solution!?

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You will get the option, somewhere below my reply. Where like, share and some other option in ellipsis(three dots).

Just curious, why?

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I can edit it for you, no problem.

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Thanks TMosh, for helping me.

I already tried that and didn’t see the option. I’ve used StackOverflow a lot in the past so am familiar with the concept, but cannot locate that option via this UX.

The narrator asks to divide by left most non zero coefficient but in left we have 0 so how we divide -0.95 by -0.95?

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@Anil_K1, please post a screen capture image that shows this in the lecture (including the time mark).

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time 1:22

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-0.95 / -0.95 = 1.
Any number divided by itself is 1.

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