Running cell error

When I press Shift+Enter keys run the cell I selected, it just goes to the cell below and not run the cell.


Have you edited the Keyboard shortcuts? Check by Help then Keyboard shortcuts.


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No, that didn’t help. I click run the cell and it doesn’t work either.

Try Kernel → Restart.
Or try any other Browser.

I have tried all browsers and when I click run it just didn’t run and go to the next cell.

I see. Let’s wait for our Super Mentor, @paulinpaloalto, to respond.

Hi @rdf5skbz8x,

Are you working it on Coursera’s jupyter platform?

Also, after you restart the kernel, do you see the following “Kernel ready” message around the “Submit assignment” button? It will only show up for a short while and then it will be disappeared.


If you have a kernel connected, there should be a hollow circle next to Python 3 as below


Yes, I have seen. Actually, I’m able to run the first exercise, but when I go to the next, it go through a cell which requires lots of time to run. When it finish the running, I click the run press and it just go to the next cell and not run it. The whole exercise 2 can’t be run.

Were you running it on Coursera?


The Jupyter Notebook of Coursera.

In that cell, does it contain any assignment code? If not, please post a screenshot of the cell and its output (if any) here.

From the above code, it runs for a long time to get result, and the next cell fails to run.

Great. I am also running that cell, and it should print some progress like below:


Do you see any progress message after waiting for 2 minutes?

Yes, I can see the results of this cell.

Can you share a screenshot which contains the result with me? There should be 26 lines of progress message like what I have shared in above.

It may take a few minutes.

No problem. Thank you!

In the screenshot, I also want to see if the circle goes hollow or not.



I am expecting for a screenshot like this one.

Your above screenshot indicates that it is still running. It has not been finished yet, so you will need to keep waiting.

ok.its going to 1500 now