Running code on installed Python doesn't work

Anyone try running the code for this on their own Python instance? I can get the Weaviate Client to acknowledge it is ready using my own credentials, but any of the queries return the same error:
response = (
client.query.get(“Articles”, properties)

will produce an error:
weaviate.exceptions.UnexpectedStatusCodeException: Query was not successful! Unexpected status code: 422, with response body: {‘error’: [{‘message’: ‘no graphql provider present, this is most likely because no schema is present. Import a schema first!’}]}.

Any ideas of how to proceed from here would be appreciated

Hi @Jimbo42

Welcome to the community.

What lesson are trying to running?

Did you install all the packages required?

Also, the course have some files on the lesson root path that might be necessary to run locally.

Hi Elirod,

I am on this site:

I have installed the weaviate-Client, cohere, annoy packages. From what I understand about weaviate, a schema is needed in order to run a query and obtain results, but the code from this lesson doesn’t show any schemas … is this part of code that is on the lesson root path? How do I access that?

Hi @Jimbo42

Thanks for the update.

You can access the root path by clicking on the jupyter logo on the top left

Regards the schema requirement, as far as i know, weaviate uses the auto-schema as a default for queries where no schema was provide.

Of course that this is a weaviate v1.5 feature.

Also, i noticed that there is no schema file on the course root path. Sorry.

I hope this help.

Best regards

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