Running on_finetuned_output = non_finetuned("Tell me how to train my dog to sit") locally got KeyError: Production.key

When I figured out to install lamini locally and trying the 1st lesson, I got the keyerror: production.key when I run on_finetuned_output = non_finetuned(“Tell me how to train my dog to sit”)

Could it be that you are not adding the API key from lamini? See the attached example code,

def authorize_lamini():
    _ = load_dotenv(find_dotenv())
    lamini_api_key = os.environ['LAMINI_API_KEY']
    llm = LLMEngine(
            "production": {
                "key": lamini_api_key,

Same issue here.
And I got the Lamini API key.
Do you also need a key from Hugging Face since the library comes from there (meta-llama/Llama-2-7b-hf)

Try the following in the previous line:

non_finetuned = BasicModelRunner(“meta-llama/Llama-2-7b-hf”, config={
“production”: {
“key”: lamini_api_key}})