Runtime Error: expected input channel is not matching

RuntimeError: Given groups=1, weight of size [64, 1, 4, 4], expected input[128, 11, 28, 28] to have 1 channels, but got 11 channels instead

Hi, @MD_MEHEDI_HASAN1, thank you for you question.
We highly encourage to follow post naming convention with course, week, assignment description in it. Just looking at the error log I can only suggest you’ve set a wrong number of kernels (and potentially kernel size). If this doesn’t help please provide the assignment details.
Thank you.

Can it be assumed the error is resolved on your end, @MD_MEHEDI_HASAN1?


I am running the training part of C1W4A_Build_a_Conditional_GAN and somehow I cannot get the discriminator’s predictions (disc_fake_pred). I am doing it as in previous lessons. However I get the error

“RuntimeError: Given groups=1, weight of size [64, 11, 4, 4], expected input[128, 1, 28, 28] to have 11 channels, but got 1 channels instead”


Do you have suggestions for me maybe @Dmitriy_Khvan?

Thank you!

I have found the solution! I was only passing the fake/real images instead of the fake/real images and labels.