Scouting football app

Hi, I have been working on a scouting football app that allow to search for players in different seasons and with different characteristics using wyscout data. The goal is to have an app to compare players, evaluate their characteristics and offer an analysis of the players to have a better picture on how this player will look like in a team. All feedback is welcome, I would love to know what feature would you like to see and what would make this an app that you will use everyday, also what would you improve and what didn’t like about the app.

Scouting football APP

This app provides a comparison between players that can be a potential fit for a team, you are allow to select the league, position, season and age of the players. You can also select characteristics of the players based on their stats and individual skills, this will show a spider plot that can be either defensive or offensive, after you have the players that match your characteristics, ideally 2 or 3 you are able to ask chatgpt for an analysis and comparison addressing their strengths and weakness and the style that can be a potential fit for them.

Example use case

  • DM players from french league in the current season, with age between 18-25 years old, good balance between offensive and defensive metrics with good association skill.

The output of this will be a spider plot and chatGPT analysis

Scouting Football app

Give a try and let me know your thoughts

This is the GitHub repo:

sotoblanco/scouting-app (


This is an amazing project @pastorsoto.
However, it would be quite helpful if you add a in the repo to explain to us how to use it. Not everyone is super good with coding.


@lukmanaj Thank you! I forgot to push the readme file. Thanks for point that out!


You’re welcome.

Hey, Nice project mate
I wanted to ask for your permission, I wanted to use this project with some advancements, I’m sure you’ll be okay with that.

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Yes, for sure! Just give credit and feel free to share! I am open for collaborations as well!

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