Seeking for a final year project ideas for machine learning

Hi everyone!
My name is Oluwasegun. I am a final year computer engineering student at FUTA. Please I am open to get ideas and suggestions for a final year project.

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Hi Oluwasegun,

A good strategy for choosing a final year project is to start by identifying the potential problems you want to solve. Assess whether these problems can be addressed using machine learning, considering the data sources you have access to.

Additionally, explore other aspects of computer science or engineering that interest you beyond data-related projects.

An important factor to consider is your supervisor. Make sure the project aligns with your supervisor’s interests and expertise, as their guidance will be crucial. Ultimately, the project should reflect both your interests and those of your supervisor.

Good luck with your final year project!


Thank you so much sir. I will work on that

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You’re welcome.

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