Seeking help to summarise the prompt principles

Hi There,

Since there’s no slides that I can locate for the course, I thought I’d get ChatGPT to summarise the key principles. My problem is that the completion does not have a full response - it cuts out on the 2nd principle.

I tried all sorts of things but can’t seem to get it right. Would love some advice please. Here’s the code I’m using. Would greatly appreciate any advice!!

Note - I tried experimenting with code variations, even telling it to only outline the 2nd principle. That produces a longer list for P2 - hence why I know it’s cutting out.


prompt = f"“”
Write a response using two lists based on the transcript delimited
by triple backticks.

The transcript describes the two chatgpt prompting principles.

Your task is to convert the transcript into two lists -
one list for each of the two chatgpt prompting principles

Do not complete your analysis until you have created detailed lists
for both principles. Ensure each list has several points.

Each list will outline the key concepts that describe each principle.

Use the following format for both of the lists:
Principle #:
Key points:

Format everything as HTML that can be used in a website.
Place the description in a


Transcript: {transcript}

response = get_completion(prompt)

The output:

Hi Andrew,

This could be caused by the maximum token length for the input to the model. Chunking may help, see e.g. this example or this example.