Seeking partnership for a DoD work


I am in the midst of putting together a team for the DoD/Army R&D work. If you are interested to learn more - please message me.


For which country? LOL

Please note that this community is about supporting students as they progress through the various DeepLearning.AI courses. It’s not an advertising or recruiting platform for your company. I think you’re skirting pretty close to a violation of the Terms of Use here.

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Thanks, Paul for the feedback. I didn’t realize. I thought I saw the networking category. Hence, thought to seek co-founders (like-minded people to work together). That’s fine if you think it’s not appropriate.

Actually I need to apologize here: I have discussed this with the course staff and they do not see a problem with the type of post you made here. So my understanding of the rules needs some adjustment. Sorry!

The course staff has removed the restriction on your original post on this thread, so it’s all good now.

My apologies for “overinterpreting” the rules and interfering with your post here! I hope you get some helpful responses despite my incorrect interference.