Seeking Your Insights for Developing an AI-Powered Personal Finance Assistant!

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on a project to develop an AI-powered app designed to help individuals manage their personal finances more effectively and reach their financial goals. However, before diving deeper into the development phase, I want to make sure that the app will genuinely cater to your needs and solve real-world problems.

Could you spare a few moments to share your experiences and preferences regarding personal finance management? Your insights would be incredibly valuable and will directly influence the features and direction of the app.

Here are a few questions I have in mind:

1.	How old are you? This helps us understand the age range of our potential users.
2.	Which country are you from? Understanding your location can help tailor the app to specific financial environments and regulations.
3.	What is your current occupation or industry? This information can provide insight into your financial management needs based on your career.
4.	How do you manage your daily finances currently? (Options might include mobile apps, Excel, paper and pen, etc.)
5.	What are the main challenges you encounter in managing your personal finances?
6.	Are there any personal finance apps you currently use? What do you like or dislike about them?
7.	What features do you believe are essential in a personal finance app? (For example, expense categorization, budgeting tools, investment tracking, etc.)
8.	How open are you to linking your bank or financial accounts with a finance management app? What are your concerns or expectations?
9.	Would you be willing to pay for a personal finance app? What price range seems reasonable to you?
10.	What extra services or features would make you consider subscribing to a premium version of the app?

I’m really looking forward to your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to share any additional thoughts or features you’d love to see in an ideal personal finance assistant app.

Thanks a lot for your time and contribution!

Note that this Forum isn’t a subreddit.

Thank you. Yeah, was looking to post it in reddit too.