Sequence Models, Week 2, Homework 2: KeyError('never')

All my tests pass when I compile the homework but I get a 0 when I submit the assignment.
I get the following error:

I read another post indicating a hint that if you’re having a KeyError('never',) never problem, you should check your initialization of avg.

But I have not hard coded my initialization of avg I use the any_word variable to obtain the shape of any_word from word to vec map when initializing avg.

Is anyone else running into this?
Does anyone else have more info on this error? It is hard to debug when all the kernels pass.

Any help is very much appreciated.

– Joel

Somewhere in your code, you’re using a global variable that’s only visible in the notebook, but isn’t used in the grader.

Solved. For anyone else this may help, I was not using inappropriate global variables in my notebook. (However this did prompt me to clear the notebook, which helped.)

I can’t give much away, but think about your initialization of avg in all the exercises that involve doing so. Specifically, even if you’re more familiar with Python, maybe using list comprehension, don’t. Guarantee avg is always correctly initialized and error check all the input thrown at you, like you would any real world program.