Set epsilon to 1?

What am I supposed to do here? I tried setting epsilon to 1 in the get_weighted_loss function.
I am still getting 2 failed test cases. I tried to write another code get_weighted_loss_test still the same.

Please help.

You don’t have to set the value of epsilon to anything: it is passed in as a parameter to the top level function, right? Just use the value that is passed to you. This is a little tricky in that your function is returning another function, but epsilon is a local variable in the scope of the main function, so just use it.

It’s fine to experiment with your own test cases, but the goal is always to understand why your code is failing the test. What is the failure telling you? Can you get any clues from the results about where your mistakes are?

Thank you so much sir!! I had made a very silly parentheses mistake, I would have never looked at it if it weren’t for your insight.

Thank you!