Should I Skip the first three courses?

Hi, I have completed the ML Specialization provided by in collaboration with Stanford. Should I complete the first three courses of this specialization, can I skim through them, or should I skip them completely? Need expert advice without any bias. Thank you.

Hi @Syed_Hamza_Tehseen ,

I took both MLS and DLS. My first one was MLS.

When you go through the MLS specialization you learn a lot about Machine Learning, with a certain level of abstraction.

When you go into the DLS specialization, you will learn Machine Learning in a more detailed and deeper level. You’ll actually learn the math behind the magic. This additional level of information will be absolutely valuable when you develop your own models, as you will have a deep understanding of ‘what’s going on’.

My recommendation: Go in depth with the DLS specialization.