Sigmoid and Relu backward

Is it possible to see code for sigmoid_backward, and relu_backward function.

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Yes open File-> Open and see all the saved files in the lab.

Thank You, very much… :heart:

I wrote my relu_backward code, and I just want to chack out is it ok?

def relu_backward_m(dA,activation_cache):

return dZ

Did you compare with the one on the dnn_utils, it seems to me a bit different. You can test both with a range of values and see if they output the same.

The below is from the dnn_app_utils_v3 file of DLS Course 1, Week 4, Assignment 2.

def relu_backward(dA, cache):
    Implement the backward propagation for a single RELU unit.

    dA -- post-activation gradient, of any shape
    cache -- 'Z' where we store for computing backward propagation efficiently

    dZ -- Gradient of the cost with respect to Z
    Z = cache
    dZ = np.array(dA, copy=True) # just converting dz to a correct object.
    # When z <= 0, you should set dz to 0 as well. 
    dZ[Z <= 0] = 0
    assert (dZ.shape == Z.shape)
    return dZ


Thank You a lot I will do it