Sigmoid Teta meaning and dimension

In the bideo and notes about the logistic regression i am surprised that nowhere there is a mention to tmwhat is Teta and what teta represents in the signoid funcion. I assume that teta emis a vector of dimension as big as the dimensions of the features of the tweet. In an example notes it looks like teta is a vector with three variables I assume that this is becasue the vectors are like [1, sum-postives, sum-negatives]. Is my assumotion correct?

Hey @jose_ferro,
Welcome, and we are glad that you could become a part of our community :partying_face: \theta represents the parameters for the Logistic Regression model, and the reference can be find in this lecture video at 0:30.

Yes, your assumption is correct. In some lecture videos, we have assumed the feature vector to consist of 3 features, and hence, in those cases, \theta will consist of 3 values. I hope this resolves your query.