Simple chain and Simple sequential chain

Just a loud thought. Can we say that the LangChain’s “Simple chain and Simple sequential chain (and may be Router chain)” are analogous to the working concepts of “Keras Sequential and Functional APIs” respectively?

Is this a LangChain class? I don’t see it mentioned in the class notebooks, nor in the LangChain github repo

If it is your assertion that ‘Simple chain’ is to ‘Simple sequential chain’ as ‘Sequential’ is to ‘Functional’ Keras Model API, then I would say ‘no’. In Keras, the Functional model supports much more sophisticated input and output architecture than does the Sequential. In LangChain, SimpleSequentialModel makes the assumption that the single output of one prompt maps directly to the input of the next. I’m not sure what ‘Simple chain’ is or what it does. But not obvious it is significantly simpler. Maybe the concepts are inverted and you’re asserting that ‘Simple chain’ is like ‘Functional’ ? IDK, but I don’t think the analogy is strong in either case.