Some slides of week three are missing


The slides in the video and the shared slides do not match. More precisely, some of the topics covered in the third week, especially the last ones, were not included in the slide. Any chance of updating and reposting?


HI @veysel_sapan, Welcome to the deep-learning community.

Thanks for your feedback, Could you please tell me which ones were left out of the slide?


First of all, I gave wrong information. Sorry for this. I haven’t started the fourth week of the third course yet. However, the lecture slide of the fourth week and the lecture slide of the third week are exactly the same. The slide of the third week does not match the slides in the video completely. Attached you can find the slides of the third and fourth week.
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Girijesh Sharma via DeepLearning.AI <>, 30 Oca 2023 Pzt, 22:57 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

C3_W3.pdf (374 KB)

C3_W4.pdf (367 KB)

I have escalated the issue. I hope this will get resolved very soon.
Thanks @veysel_sapan for pointing out such kinds of mistakes.

Thanks for your interest.

Girijesh Sharma via DeepLearning.AI <>, 30 Oca 2023 Pzt, 23:47 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

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Any update on this? Just downloaded the slides and the issue persists.

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Hi @Girijesh ,

The problem is still there. Any update?


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Dear @c.scott,

Please find the lecture notes.

sorry for digging out this topic but as far as i can see week3 and week4 slides are still the same.

Is there any update available?

Thanks in advance!

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Dear @RoWe84,

Can you please elaborate your problem in detail.

Well i’ve checked the slide deck from week 3 and week 4 from the link posted here and from the lecture notes page. All files have nearly the same file size and pages (40 vs 41) and at least for the first 8 slides exactly the same content.
Honestly i can’t find any slide shown within the week 3 videos within the notes of w3 or w4.

@chris.favila, can you check on the lecture slides vs. the video content for Weeks 3 and 4?


Hi everyone. Thank you for reporting. We’ll look into this and update the slides as needed. It might take till Monday because of other tasks in the pipeline. Hope that’s okay.


Hi. I’m sorry but we might have to delay resolving the issue till Wednesday. Rest assured that we will take care of this.

Hi Robert. Sorry again for the delay. The W3 slides are now updated here. Thank you again for reporting this!

Perfect! Thank you for updating & your support!

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No prob!