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hi there…its Nacho here! there is some contact to talk about the translations of courses in Coursera? the spanish translation its not good in some parts of the chapters and I really want to help with this…please if someone knows who is the person in charge of this could you send me the contact? I repeat, Im really happy to help with fix the translation beacuse is to inorganic!

Are you referring to the transcripts?

Errors in the translations in the transcripts should be provided using the lecture feedback tool in Coursera.

DLAI doesn’t provide the translations themselves. The transcripts are machine-generated, but can be fixed by Coursera manually based on the reports.

yes, the translation, but if you want to report a bad translation, cousera says its not available to fix the problem…the subtitles are sometimes quite inaccurate! they translate words literally without taking into account the context. For that reason im trying to contact someone to discuss this, and thanks for your response!

At the bottom of each page that has a video lecture, you can see a link where you can “Report an issue”.

“Subtitle issues” is one of the options you can select, and there is a text box where you can describe the problem.

yes, understand, but theres no option to help with this problems…thats whats talking about, you could report the problem but the problem stills there for a long time

Perhaps fixing transcript issues is not a high priority for Coursera.

As I said, DLAI has nothing to do with the transcript process. That’s a platform issue, and it’s Coursera’s platform.

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Kindly try Coursera learner centre to raise issue of your concerned transcription, although I am not sure if they would resolve but they surely msg you with 3-4 days you raising any concern related to course.

You can mention that you are happy to help with the corrections of incorrect Spanish translation. Mention your query with few screenshots were you find the issue needs really attention and with your suggested corrections.

Hope they revert back as you want to help from a genuine point of view.


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