Spiking neural network

Could anyone suggest me any course for Spiking neural network

What does that refer to?

SNN is a type of neural network that tries to mimic neural network in brain. One characteristic is that a SNN’s neuron doesn’t necessarily propagate information to the next neuron, but only do so when the neuron reaches a certain threshold level. Such behavior is said to mimic a real neuron. In constrast, in a normal neural network, a neuron always propagate information to another neuron in the next layer.

@Soham_Zade, I am writing not because I can suggest a course, but because I have never seen one. I am sure you will continue to search for one, and in case you can find one, please share with us. Otherwise, reading whatever articles and codebase you can find on google will be a way to start.


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We probably should move this thread to General discussion since SNN isn’t covered by the DLS.

However, @Soham_Zade, if you find those online SNN materials to be difficult to understand, then I would suggest you to back yourself up with knowledge in DLS first. The last time I checked out about SNN, I remember there was even no official API on tensorflow for a SNN layer. Therefore, you probably will need to read others’ codebases, and therefore, without being familiar with tensorflow, it will be very difficult for you.

I am sure you will collect a list of codebases for your future reference, and if the majority was built on pytorch (which is completely not surprising at all, and sometimes pytorch code is easier to read to some people), then learning pytorch will be another item on the list.

Good luck. Good luck.


Hmm so is just an idea, thanks Raymond for explaining!

you are welcome, @gent.spah! There are git repositories and papers on SNN. There were examples on how to use SNN to do MNIST. It was an active and a rising (according to my memory from the last time I dug into it) field.