Stuck at 0.5000 validation accuarcy in course 2 week 2 cats vs dogs data augmentation

please help
my validation accuarcy is stuck on 0.5 in the validation accuarcy no matter how much i tinker with parameters.

Are you sure that you filed this in the correct categories? I am pretty familiar with the material in DLS Course 2 and I don’t remember any assignments in Week 2 there that deal with cats vs dogs and/or data augmentation.

to be honest i don’t actually know … the specialization on coursera is named deep learning with tensor flow … it contains 4 courses , the second name is Convolutional Neural Network in which i am stuck in the assigment of week 2 (data augmentation)… if i am in the wrong category , can you please point me to the right one

This question is about the TF Professional Developer course, where it has already been posted. Consider this thread a duplicate.