Stuck with these.. What to do?

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Try running all of the cells in the notebook, starting from the top of the file.

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Tried that but the error is still not resolved

Check whether you modified the variable name “x_train” anywhere in the notebook.

No I didn’t modify anywhere

i’m having the same problem

Please download your notebook ipynb file and send it to me via a private message.

I’m having the same problem too

Please check your Inbox,i did share the file

Bro, did you check the capitalized form of ‘X’?
Check it please

I’m also having the same problem.

May i ask for your kind help? In my Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification C1_W2 Assignment when i run my compute_gradient code there is an inscription:name ‘dj_dw’ is not defined as well as name ‘w’ is not defined. Wondering how to solve this issue.

The first thing to try is to be sure that you start your session by running every cell in the notebook starting from the top.

The simple method is to use the “Cell” → “Run all” command from the notebook menu.

Then scroll through the notebook from the top down, and you can see the cell numbers update (in the left margin) as each cell completes.

If there are problems in your code, you’ll get an error message below that cell.

Please post a screen capture image of the error messages when you post a message.

Indeed, the correct variable name is “x_train”.
Not “X_train”.

Letter case is important.

The dj_dw variable is defined for you in this the code as shown below:

Do not delete that line of code.

Also note that the ‘w’ variable is defined as a function parameter. Its value is provided by the cell that has the unit test for the compute_gradient() function.

Hello, Dear TMosh,

Thank you very much for your kind reply on my question and advice. i appreciate it.