Submission error - no description

The grader returns me the following error:
‘Sorry, your submission was incorrect. Please try again. list index out of range’

and I have no clue what to change in order to pass the assignment.
I’ve tried training again. The performance is good.

Thanks in advance

The error mean that you are trying to access an element out of the size of the list.

So you should check where are you looping through lists in the assignment and see which one you are going over the limit.

@gent.spah thanks for your reply! I think the size of the list is more a thing of the grader script.

I could solve my case. I leave it here in case it helps somebody else. In the “evaluate the model using keras” cell, when integrating the TensorFlow Hub module into a sequential model, I was adding and additional output layer (instead of declaring the output within the hub.KerasLayer)

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