Submission error with coursera

Hi Friends
I am pretty new to coursera and while submitting my assignment for Week 2 Machine Learning Course I am getting the following error
Cell #2. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: SyntaxError(‘invalid syntax’, (‘/tmp/student_solution_cells/’, 4, 10, ‘_NOTE: To prevent errors from the autograder, you are not allowed to edit or delete non-graded cells in this notebook .\n’))

Please help out

Hello @Sourav7

It is stating you have edited a part of cell where you are not suppose to like removing some part of the codes given already or adding any extra steps like print step in a test cell which are not suppose to be graded. Or you have deleted a cell.

The only way to solve this issue would be out to get a fresh copy of your assignment and by referring to your the copy you already did, add codes only where it is told to so like you are only told to write codes between ###START AND END CODE HERE####

OR sometime only replace codes wherever None is mentioned.

Also please move your query to the right category of specialisation, course and week.

How to get a fresh copy of assignment

  1. First save a copy of your assignment.
  2. To get a new copy, delete the copy of assignment from your coursera Jupyter environment by click File==>open===>delete the assignment file.
  3. You will notice 404 error on your screen page.
  4. Click on Help on the top right corner, click reboot.
  5. Once rebooting is done, click help again, then Get Latest Version, and then Update Lab.

You have a fresh copy of assignment. Now refer save copy and write the codes in the fresh copy without editing or deleting any other cells and submit


@Sourav7, in the future, please post your thread in the correct forum area for your course.

All of the courses have a forum area in the “Course Q&A” topic. Just pick the correct area, and add the correct week tag.

You can move your thread using the “pencil” icon in the thread title.

Thank you Deepti and TMosh. In future I will take care of the forum area.

Was your issue resolved??

You can let me know here which course was this query from, for this time I can move the category to the right course. As you didn’t mention assignment name or course name, we weren’t able to do from our side.


Yes my issue is resolved. It is from {ASSIGNMENT LINK REMOVED BY MODERATOR} Supervised Learning Week 2


Hello @Sourav7

Just another heads up, you are not suppose to share any codes from the assignment and you are also not suppose to share assignment on these public post :slight_smile:

I am removing the link from your post comment for this post thread.

It is against community guidelines, I am sharing a code of conduct link, kindly go through them to avoid any future issue related to guidelines.


Sure:) just a week old in this AI journey…looks like have a lot to catch up on :slight_smile: Thanks for the help

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