Submitting Course 2 Week 1 Assignment

I need help. After submitting my work, I get error that serving_stats is not defined yet it is defined. I have refreshed the page severally and reloaded the page in vain. I now get the error that pd is not defined yet when doing partial submission all was well. How can I solve this error? Please help.

Hi @Veronica_Isiaho ,

You need to rerun the code cell from start after refreshing the kernel.
From the menu tab on top, select Cell-> run all above

Hi @Kic, I have done that since yesterday in vain. I really need to submit the assignment. Is there any other way out?

@Kic There seems to be a problem with the platform. This is the error I am now getting: There was a problem reading your notebook. Details:
Notebook does not appear to be JSON: ‘’…

Hi @Veronica_Isiaho,

There is no report of platform problem to this minute. It could be your notebook is corrupted. Also, the mentor teams have no control of the platform, it is the sole responsibility of Coursera. Assignment deadline is arbitrary, there is no penalty for passing the deadline; in case you are worried about it.
You can get a fresh copy of the lab by clicking the Help button, and follow the instruction from there.

Hello @Veronica_Isiaho,

Based on the error that you reported, I think you really need a new copy of the notebook. So, just a supplement to Kic’s answer, you may find these instructions to refresh your notebook helpful. Please note that you would need to rename your current notebook before the system can get you a new copy. Then you can copy your work from your current notebook to the new one.

I also see you reported this:

pd is not used in the assignment, so I believe it was used by you. Perhaps you intorduced pandas in the notebook to check the data?

Hope your next submission will be fine after refreshing the notebook.


Hi Raymond,

Thanks so much @rmwkwok, I followed the instructions to get the new notebook and it worked. pd was in the new notebook. So the new notebook saved my day. I was almost giving up.

Thanks again.