Subscription over, but why can't access completed assignments?

Sorry, but the assignments are behind the paywall, even if you have completed them. The thing to have done would have been to download local copies while your subscription was still active, but it’s a little late for that now. FWIW there is a topic about precisely this scenario on the FAQ Thread.

We’ve been through this with other folks in the past and had them ask Coursera if there’s a way to get temporary access without paying and the answer comes back as some variation of “sorry, there is no mechanism for that”. So I think your only choice is to pay for one month and then download everything. Of course depending on how long ago it was that you took the courses, there is actually no guarantee that your work will still be there even if you pay again. For example, all the courses were republished in April 2021 with lots of new material and no previous work is preserved across that transition.

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